What you do over how you do it

The last blog posts were all done with voice recognition on my iPhone. This is not the most efficient way of writing blog posts. That simple truth is part of the experience I have, every single time.I would be much quicker and I could work much more efficiently if I would write them on my computer. But I have also found that I just don’t do that.

I dictate the blog posts while pushing a stroller and walking with Darky, the family dog. Ansas is mostly asleep in the stroller, so I have some time to think about stuff.

In the past, I only jotted down some notes about topics to write about on the phone. I have a mile long list of topics that I want to cover in the future. But it simply does not happen.

So the decision for me really was about blogging or not blogging. It was not about choosing an efficient method to do so.

Having realized this, I took the thorny road of dictating whole blog posts on the iPhone. The result is that I might curse and moan while composing the obstacles, but that at the end I have a finished blog post. Sure, it needs some polish, but that is something that I can fit in my break at work or quickly do when I am back on the couch.

My younger self would have shunned the method vigorously and would have never had any blog posts to show for.

My current self acknowledges the fact that this might be the only way for me to blog at all. At least I work on my personal goal of blogging more…

What do you think?