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TYPO3Camp Rhein Ruhr #T3CRR


Last weekend I also visited the TYPO3Camp Rhein Ruhr at the Unperfekthaus in my hometown Essen. My partners in crime Lars and Jaume were hardcore and went straight to the conference on Saturday after our trip to Hamburg. Being a family man, I took Saturday off to spend time with my wife and kids and let my colleague Alex check out the first day.

To make up for being absent, I proposed my gitflow talk as a session and fortunately it was voted in. Thanks for all the interest in this subject. It really is humbling and quite an honor. I liked presenting the gitflow process and giving a quick demo of the command line git plugin and I hope it had some value for the audience. You can still find the slides at github.


You can find the rest of the talks on the TYPO3Camp website. Also take a look at the sponsors who made that great event possible!

It’s worth mentioning that I also won a prize 😉 One video2brain training. Thanks a lot, Monika and #T3CRR! And another shoutout to twt.de for making this possible.